Golden Visa

Bulgaria offers 10 year Golden Visa which can lead to permanent residency/citizenhsip if the client lives in the country. This visa allows you free travel throughout the Eurozone. Investment is €307,000 plus legal fees.

Looking for Residency in Bulgaria? With New Wealth Capital we can manage the easiest and fastest way to get a long-term residency on your behalf.

Our 10 Year Golden Visas are Available on a First-Come, First Served Basis ONLY. Limited Supply.

  • FASTEST way to get a Visa in Bulgaria
  • Lowest taxation system in the EU
  • Spouse + Children Eligible
  • 5% Per Annum ROI on €307,000 property investment
  • Can lead to citizenship

Sofia, Bulgaria

IMPORTANT: WE ONLY HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF GOLDEN VISA APPLICATIONS WE CAN MAKE PER WEEK, SO FILL THIS IN RIGHT NOW OR CALL +359 876 480 168 TO CHECK AVAILABILITY. Note: You must be able to make a €307,000 property investment to qualify. No exceptions.

Everything you need to know about obtaining Bulgarian Residency with our Golden Visa package:

  • One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to purchase property through investment - €307,000. This enables your spouse and children to also achieve residency through this minimal investment.
  • Purchasing property through our partners can give you a ROI of 5% per annum who have existing contracts in place with tour operators.
Bulgarian Golden Visa

What benefits do I receive on Bulgarian temporary residence permit?

  1. You receive a Bulgarian ID card for foreigners that allows multiple entries and stays in Bulgaria.
  2. Holders of a Bulgarian residence permit can stay legally in most European countries.
  3. You may renew your Bulgarian residency card for up to 5 years. Permanent residency after 5 years, citizenship after 10.
  4. You enjoy a relaxed visa application process among Schengen Area countries.
Bulgarian Golden Visa

User Cases for our Bulgarian Golden Visa:

1. Lower Higher Education Costs

In recent years one of the most popular use cases is students coming from abroad to study medicine, dentistry and veterinary due to ease of access, much lower university fees and lower entry requirements.

This is mainly due to a shortage of courses in Western Europe and the escalating costs, while in Eastern Europe the university fees are a fraction of the cost and the cost of living is much cheaper.

Bulgarian Golden Visa
Bulgarian Golden Visa

2. Cost Effective Retirement

– Enjoy your retirement in a cost effective environment with access to good private medical healthcare.

3. Low Taxation

– Access to the lowest taxation system in the EU with 10% flat tax and 5% dividend fee.

Who Are We?

New Wealth Capital is a luxury investment, development and advisory firm with over 20 years’ experience in Bulgaria specialising in providing long-term value through iconic mixed-use, residential and hospitality projects.

We pride ourselves on creating long-term value for our investors, brand partners, and development partners through our innovative investment strategy.

Our team at New Wealth Capital has successfully developed and managed over €700 million of real estate asset and construction projects in Eastern Europe.

We are focused on providing first-class services that help our clients and investors navigate the investment process, especially during uncertain times.

About Our CEO:

Joseph Sullivan LinkedIn

Bulgarian Golden Visa

I am a real estate developer and investor with over 25 years' of experience in a wide range of industries, from pre-education, telecoms, and motor industries; to asset management, mergers and acquisitions and real estate development.

I started working life as an accountant and learned the fundamentals of the business and finance world. Building on this financial background, I have worked with firms and individuals to successfully complete large scale investment projects, with value and return on investment at the heart of all projects I undertake. Over the years, I have also gained experience in crisis resolution and management, as well as the acquisition and sale of distressed properties. I have worked successfully throughout Europe on major projects, with particular experience in Ireland, Spain and Bulgaria. I have a wide array of experience in helping clients navigate the often confusing routes that successful investments need to follow, and firmly believe in communicating with clarity and honesty at all times.

Along with the rest of the team at New Wealth Capital, we work to leverage investment from clients best suited to individual projects, and all projects that the firm work on are tailored to ensure a bespoke and successful service for everyone involved. The team at New Wealth Capital are also well experienced in dealing with high net worth individuals and ensuring that trust and establishing long term successful relationships are at the core of New Wealth Capital’s culture. We pride ourselves in doing great work, and earning the trust of clients is fundamental to our continued success as a business.

You can get in touch with me at:

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