Dunav Mall

Project Overview

The Dunav Mall is located on an excellent site in Ruse's landmark city in Northern Bulgaria, on the shores of the famous Danube River. This brilliantly appointed retail complex is finished to the highest possible specifications with four floors in total, an underground parking garage (capacity for over 200 cars), and the potential for numerous retail, dining, and entertainment outlets. The mall is designed to host at least 70 shops, two restaurants, seven fast food outlets, a cafe, a children's play center, and a billiard and bowling complex.

The original cost of this exciting retail and leisure complex was more than €25,000,000. The development has a tax valuation of €17,000,000. Get in touch for documentation and information.

New Wealth Capital analysts project that the premises' potential rental income stands at approximately €1,500,000 per annum. Get in touch for documentation, queries, and any further information.

A viable exit strategy for investors is to list the Dunav Mall for sale in Year 2, when it has been fully let with a value of €25,000,000, yielding a 6% margin.

Dunav Mall

Project Specifics

  • STATUS: Building Completed
  • TYPE: Shopping Mall (Could also be repurposed for expo or logistics center)
  • LOCATION: Ruse, Bulgaria
  • INVESTMENT: Please get in touch for further details
Dunav Mall

The Region

Ruse - Gateway to Romania and Bulgaria

Only 60km from Bucharest, Romania's thriving capital city, the Dunav Mall is a prime location for establishing a retail presence in Bulgaria and Romania's growing markets. Ruse is located just over 300km from the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, which lies about a four-hour drive away.

The Dunav Mall's positioning on a prime highway gives it easy access to both Ruse city center and the road north to Romania and south towards Sofia. It is well served by local public transportation and access to public amenities.

To travel to Northern Europe from Turkey, this route is the most accessible option, making the location a viable and strategic investment. An average of 3,500 to 5,000 vehicles pass within 100 meters of this property daily.

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