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We provide custom professional services for those who are looking to venture into the real estate development and investment space. To meet your development objectives, we also partner and work hand-in-hand with relevant organizations and management teams. The process typically involves completing comprehensive initial financial analyses, helping you identify, negotiate, finance, and structure arrangements that match your current and future business operation requirements.

We have financed, developed, and managed over € 700 million of real estate assets and construction projects across Europe. Our portfolio consists of holiday resorts, statement buildings, and hotels with unique infrastructure and a wide variety of amenities and entertainment offerings. We make sure to complete every project within the stated timeline while also staying within budget.

We focus on delivering tailored services that would help our investors achieve success in the field of real estate.

Construction Management

Through construction project management, we make sure that the entire construction process is going smoothly. This involves taking care of the nitty-gritty of things, from working with local jurisdictions and complying with requirements, managing daily schedules, and managing costs, to troubleshooting issues, and checking infrastructure quality.

Our construction management team ensures that every stage of project development has been executed properly and in a cost-efficient way. Our ultimate goal is for construction management to be compatible with the agreed project delivery methods. We also understand that regardless of the setting, our responsibility is to our client and other stakeholders and to a successful project.

Our project management services include:

  • Develop an integrated path schedule
  • Expedite building permits and other requirements, fee payments, and plan check review process
  • Negotiate mitigation, development, and fee deferment deals
  • Process loan draws
  • Create and stay within budgets, manage monthly cash flows, project proformas, and development schedules
  • Create and maintain the development schedules
  • Provide weekly status reports
  • Meet with design consultants for direction and quality control, and to streamline the project design and plan check approval process
  • Prepare, submit, and process project submittal packages
  • Conduct onsite coordination on all daily construction activities
  • Investigate environmental, legal, physical, and even political aspects of project
  • Complete final inspection with applicable municipality inspector and client

Due Diligence

We provide exclusive due diligence for project development opportunities. Our due diligence services are applicable for property developers, investors, project managers, and others. We obtain relevant data necessary to adequately evaluate a potential investment project, including the risks. This step is crucial for us to protect any investment.

We have a team of experienced professionals with industry-specific expertise to provide services that are suitable for our clients’ needs. We assist clients with their real estate decisions through a reliable and accurate analysis.

With our years of experience and over € 700 million worth of real estate and office, resort, residential, commercial and industrial construction projects across Europe, we offer clients a clear perspective on how to decrease risk.

Our due diligence services include:

  • Project review
  • Audit of Materials Quantities
  • Preliminary Budget Analysis
  • Environmental Requirements
  • Geo-Political Considerations
  • Site evaluation
  • Evaluation of Permits
  • Review of Structural Engineering
  • Evaluation of Existing Site Conditions

Asset Management

Our advisers specialize in asset management, where we take care and stay on top of every type of real property. Real estate properties are true investments, and we treat them as such, while also applying an objective and unbiased approach.

With this service offering, our goal is to optimize the value of your real estate property while also addressing the risks and complexities that come with it.

You can rely on our team of experts to find the best management solutions to fit your specific business needs and to suit your future business goals.

Our asset management services include taking care of the following tasks:

  • Income tax considerations
  • Coming up with strategies for growth, income and total return
  • Looking for financing options, opportunities and benefits
  • Assisting clients with lease negotiations and tenant relations
  • Ensuring compliance with codes, zoning and ordinances
  • Reviewing property taxes and assessments periodically
  • Obtaining periodic valuations
  • Integrating real estate assets into your overall portfolio
  • Coordinating with legal, accounting and tax professionals
  • Collecting rent and record keeping
  • Managing maintenance, repairs and renovations of property
  • Evaluating real estate assets as a component of estate planning
  • Making recommendations on sales, acquisitions and capital improvements
  • Doing risk management and insurance
  • Putting up automated accounts receivable/accounts payable systems
  • Managing budgets and debt service


New Wealth Capital can give you access to its network of global investors to fund your project.

We offer and deliver tailored market research services to various clients. We provide these services as part of a client’s larger investment search mandates, but we can also give it as a separate customized solution to a client who is seeking a specific type of industry analysis.

For a company to make strategic decisions regarding business locations, searching for trading partners, and exiting and thriving markets, it needs specific knowledge about the market. And our team can help you with that. Our professionals have in-depth industry expertise, a proven track record in various sectors, relevant local knowledge, and international market competency.

Distressed Assets Services

Our team of industry experts provides distressed asset services.

Our industry expertise enables us to help clients deal with distressed assets, loans or portfolios the best way they can. It is our job to determine the optimal solution for your real estate holdings, mitigate any further deterioration of your assets, and maximize the physical and economic health of your properties. We recommend solutions that fully support your business goals and your recovery strategy, as well as the short and long-term needs of your property.

You will benefit from our integrated expertise in portfolio and asset strategy, both on local and global levels. We tailor-design solutions that meet specified objectives, while also taking into account your own asset or portfolio strategy.

Our distressed assets services include:

  • Valuation of assets
  • Identifying refinancing, recapitalization, and restructuring strategies
  • Evaluating strategic implications of a joint venture
  • Developing leasing opportunities
  • Providing asset management, enhancement, and repositioning
  • Preparing a financial impact analysis
  • Preparing consolidated financial projections
  • Assessing sales opportunities
  • Developing alternative business models
  • Providing litigation support

Financial Advisory Services

Our team of finance professionals has extensive experience over a wide range of financial advisory services. We can help your company screen targets, assess opportunities and critical issues, and identify deal-breakers early on. It is our goal to offer you a competitive edge while mitigating risks and help you execute transactions that would give you value and eventually give you returns.

We work with successful real estate developers, investors, business owners, lenders and syndicators so we can deliver the highest quality financial advisory services to clients, whether these are for the purpose of acquisition or disposition of a real estate investment.

Our financial advisory services consist of:

  • Administration of management and operations questionnaire
  • Review of representations and warranties to determine reasonableness of terms
  • Benchmarking against key competitive metrics
  • Reviews on regulations, tenant profiles, vacancy trends, leases, and market demographics
  • Tenant payment history review
  • REIT income compliance and review of revenue streams
  • Analysis of properties and transactions
  • Key indicator reviews (ROI, NOI, EGI, turnover ratio, profit margin)
  • Transaction structure and pricing analysis
  • Analysis of cash flow and stress testing of assumptions
  • Financial projections
  • Review of general ledger, income statements, and balance sheets
  • Budget review
  • Review of CAM/Tax pools
  • Review of tenant reconciliation statements

Joint/Strategic Ventures

Our company represents private investors, entrepreneurs, developers, and other key players in structuring a range of business relationships, while also focusing on joint and strategic ventures. We enable clients to develop and acquire various commercial real estate assets.

Our professionals are well-versed when it comes to the challenges associated with joint venture relationships, whether it is acquisitions, asset and property management, asset or entity interest dispositions, financing, and leasing and other ancillary services.

You can be assured that we give clients the advisory and professional assistance they need so they could find the best complementary aspects of their business.

Our joint and strategic venture services involve:

  • Understanding the client’s goals as they relate to the joint venture
  • Assessing the potential and opportunity of developing joint ventures
  • Identifying partners who can help enhance an organization’s strategic objectives
  • Developing alternative business models
  • Evaluating the joint venture’s strategic implications
  • Developing financial projections for any and all joint venture alternatives
  • Developing and negotiating the best operating agreements
  • Closing joint venture transactions

Property Investment & Acquisition

Our team has a proven track record in identifying the right investment opportunities for our clients, despite the highly competitive commercial estate market. Our investment advisers can help you navigate through every step of the property acquisition process, from the selection, the price negotiation, and due diligence.

We advise all types of property investors, whether institutions, banks, private and overseas investors, or property companies.

Our property investment and acquisition services include:

  • Sourcing investment opportunities
  • Analyzing of purchase structure
  • Negotiating and contracting property development
  • Assistance in securing financing
  • Performing property due diligence
  • Property management

Golden Visa

All foreign nationals who would like to obtain Bulgarian residence must first apply for a long-term D visa in the nearest Bulgarian embassy or general consulate.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to purchase property through investment - € 312,000. This enables your spouse and children to also achieve residency through this minimal investment. Find out more information.

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